Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Snap shot(s)

Jay, J-Mo, Ben, and I came by/spent the night for my last night in Starkville. It was such a blessing!

Ben snapped a quick picture of me packing on Thursday. There is no way I could have done it without his and Jay's help!
Last picture in Starkville with Mom and Dad before we left for Georgia.
Eating breakfast with Zach, Leigh, Josh, Mom, and Mike before my send off and flight! It was such a blessing to get to see them all before I left! Mike even took a vacation day to come see me before I left!

Zach, Josh, Mike, and I in front of the Korean Air check-in desk at ATL.

Some of the sakura (cherry blossoms) outside of the Imperial Palace.

This is Hachiko, probably the most loyal dog to ever live. If you do not know the story, check it out on Wikipedia. Or you can watch an Americanized version called Hachi: A Dog's Tale with Richard Gere. It's an excellent movie, especially if you need to cry.

This is a park we visited this past Sunday afternoon. Thousands of people travel to Japan every year to see the sakura in bloom, and this park was no exception to that.

A cat in a tree. There was more than one actually.
The beautiful sakura


  1. Great Pictures. Hope that things are going well for you Bro. I know you are going to do great and seemingly impossible things in Japan.

    On another note, you still have seemingly impossible things to do back here in the US. Number of pictures with Dad smiling still = 0.

  2. Like the cat picture! You would find one!

  3. Gorgeous pictures JP! Praying for you--keep us posted on if there are specific ways we can lift you and the team up!

  4. i was ok until i saw the cat picture... kind of made me sad that you would waste film on one of those godless creatures... ha ha j/k. Miss you buddy, waiting on an update soon!

  5. Thanks for the update, JP! Keep the pics and updates coming!