Monday, March 21, 2011

Not an update

Hey guys,
This isn't really an update, yet it is. I received an email from the YWAM Tokyo Registrar earlier this evening with this information from a trusted and knowledgeable source (they told us who, which I trust, I'm just not telling you):

Workers are still working around the clock to restore power.

Cabling is now hooked up to the #2 plant and they are performing
critical inspections on the electrical gear prior to turning power on.
They are still running cable to the other plants.  There was a bit of
a scare last night when some unexplained smoke emitted from the #3
plant and workers were temporarily evacuated for their own safety but
they have been able to return.
Rad levels both on and off site are consistent with the last
three or four days.  
There is no cause for concern outside the 30KM

      Reactor plants 1-4 remain the concern along with their
respective spent fuel pools.  Reactors 5&6 are effectively safe at
this point.
 Lots of talk in the news media about the contaminated food.
Shipment of food from the affected area has been put on hold so their
is no need for alarm.
 The World Heath Organization made a statement
this morning stating that they are monitoring the situation and the
rad levels, 
and Japan has made the right decisions in halting affected
shipments, but that in any event, nothing found thus far is of
immediate danger to anyone even if they did eat it.

We're all keeping our fingers crossed for those electricians as
they race to connect power which will not only restore normal cooling
but it will restore the vital instrumentation that will let us have a
much better picture of the status of each reactor plant.

As usual I will continue to send updates as I get information.

It was crazy for me to think about the lives of those individuals who are working on reconnecting and correcting the issues at the plant. What toll will this take on them? Will it even have one? If so, what courage to continue to work at the sacrifice of themselves for the greater good! Praise God for them and their bravery.

So this is a simple non-update, but it is definitely some good news. Less than two weeks now!

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