Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some pictures from Japan Part 3 of 3 - Yokohama

This past Saturday we visited Yokohama, the second largest city in Japan. It was about a 45 minute train ride from the station here in Senzoku, and the trip was made with three of the students from the DTS. This trip was probably one of my favorite days since I have been here, where the four of us ventured out on our own, with no prior knowledge of the area, and navigated our way to the things we wanted to do, plus a little of exploring of our own upon arrival! It was a refreshing trip, and I really am starting to love and bond with the other guys who went, not to say I am not doing that with any of the guys who did not go. The staff are also amazing guys as well, and it has really been a blessing to be here at this time!

These are the three other guys: Austin Bock, left, Tony Boyd, center, and Kaare (Cory) Thiessen, right. Austin is from Michigan, Tony, New Zealand, and Kaare, Canada. They are all super cool in their own ways!

The tallest building in this picture is the Landmark Tower. It is the tallest building in Japan.

Building line the opposite side of the street. You would be very hard pressed to find a one-story building.

The Landmark Tower

Me being a nerd.

This is a view from the top of the Landmark Tower. It has the world's 2nd fastest elevator, which reaches a top speed of 12.5 m/s. The white you see on the other side of the bridge is the sakura blooms falling. :(

A view of Tokyo from the tower

Kaare and Austin overlooking the city

Yes, that is a putt-putt on top of a five-story building.

In the mall downstairs there was a Pokemon center! It was filled with people, mainly small children. Nearby outside was a huddle of children playing on their Nintendo DSs, playing Pokemon. Seeing this was a delight to all of us!

This made me really want to Smash...

This is also the world's largest Ferris wheel. I really want to ride it at some point!

If you can see the white streaks, that is the sakura blowing! When the wind would blow really hard, it was almost like it was snowing. Sakura! It was a special experience!

More sakura blooms in the bay...

Austin, Tony, and myself on the train ride back from Yokohama. Earlier, when leaving Yokohama, the train was so full, we were afraid we were not going to be able to get off at our stop! Luckily, we did. It was crazy packed! And if you are wondering why I am not wearing my glasses, I've been meaning to tell you, Mom and Dad... Can you get me some more? I'm just kidding! I'm just wearing my contacts so I could wear my Costas! Love it!
I have only been here in Tokyo for two and a half weeks now, yet it feels so long! Getting to see the world, to see a different culture, to be surrounded by people who cannot speak your language, people who act completely different than you has been so incredible! I know God has some great things in store for all of us who are here now, and He is only getting started with us! I cannot wait to share more with y'all soon! God bless!

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  1. Very FUNNY JP!Uh, how many pairs of glasses have you lost or broken, eh?Canoe trip? or walking up and down along aside a road come to mind?Love you, nerdo,and that deserved two smacks on the head!Mom BTW, Beautiful pictures!