Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Resting in Breakthrough

So I have been meaning to write a post more about what is happening within the school since we have started. Honestly, I meant to do it after each week of teaching. Yeah... Anyways, the DTS has been a life-altering, perception-shattering experience for me and many others so far, and it will only continue to get better! The Lord has been revealing himself to each and every one of us!

Each weekday we get to the church where we have classes at 8:00 for a time of intercession, bible study, worship, or meditation, the activity dependent upon the day of the week. Class sessions begin at 9:30, and we usually finish at 12:15 for lunch. The afternoons are various, some spent having small groups, one-on-ones (discipleship time), or work duties. Most ministries are in the evening, and the three main ministries we participate in are Hi B.A. - High School Born Again, University ministry at Waseda University here in Tokyo, and English Clubs - Children and Adult English classes. The weekends are free but can be reserved for ministry, yet they ask that we regularly attend a local church.

As for subjects, this is our class schedule:

Father Heart of God
Nature and Character of God
Freedom and Restoration
Identity and Inheritance
Hearing the Voice of God
Spiritual Warfare
Inductive Bible Study
Evangelism and Community Transformation

This is the meat of the lecture phase; there are two other weeks of lecture after we begin the outreach phase, but one has yet to been determined, the other being Debrief, Destiny and Calling, and Re-Entry for the last week here. So far, the teaching has been spectacular! And as a testimony to how great our God is, each week builds upon one another, the speakers tying them together seamlessly. Without knowing who taught the sessions before them or what they talked about...

We really have an amazing God who loves us unconditionally as our Father, never withholding His love from us no matter what we do, as our Savior, Jesus Christ, who by His death, reconnects us with the Father and puts us back in relationship with Him, and as our Holy Spirit, the manifestation of the Spirit of Christ dwelling inside of us, allowing us to do wonders and miracles just as Christ did and beyond! Everything that belongs to Christ as the Son of God belongs to every one of us, for we are called sons! We have the spirit of sonship! Christ did not come to keep us from going to hell, He came to right our relationship with God the Father, our Father (He is not like a father, He IS your Father), the creator of the universe! Do not just claim fire insurance, claim the inheritance of Christ! (Romans 8:38-39; Luke 15:20-24; John 14:6-7; Acts 2:38-39; Acts 2:22; John 14:12; Ephesians 1:3; Galatians 4:6)

God is doing unbelievable things here. We have had multiple people come in and say that God has magnificent plans and callings for the students in this DTS, and we are starting to see it! He is definitely placing something heavy on my heart, too! Today, I had someone tell me that I have such a father's heart I do not know what to do with it! To explain, while praying for a newly-wed couple, I began to cry over them because I wanted what was being prayed over them for them so badly! And then I remember, I only met them five weeks ago, yet I was weeping for them! Do not worry, everything for them was beautiful and glorious, it was just that great!

So it has been an incredible experience as much as I hate to say that, but there are no better words. God has been showing up, and I know He will continue to! He wants to!

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  1. Thanks for sharing brother. I'm so excited in reading through the topics and hearing about the body of believers you have there to grow with. I do see that father's heart in you. It goes along the lines of shepherd and priest-like qualities/giftings. It's been cool to see you grow in it more. The testimony you had about praying and weeping with the couple is just the beginning! love you brother.