Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Little by Little

This past Sunday afternoon, I revisited a part of Tokyo I had seen with two of the guys one night a couple of weeks ago. I went by myself this time, and I made it during the daylight hours, and it was such a blessing to get to see! I walked to the other nearby station to save somewhere between 60-80 yen to travel to Ebisu Station where I ended up going to the Yebisu Garden Place. Here are some of the pictures:

The Yebisu Sky Walk goes from the station right up to the Yebisu Garden Place, with moving sidewalks the whole way. I did not use them going, but I did on the way back. Walking on them is super fun, but you have to be careful when you get off!
That's the Yebisu Garden Place Tower when you exit the Sky Walk
Entrance Pavilion

This dude saw me creeping...

These two pictures are of the Sapporo Beer Station (if you did not already speculate that for the latter one). There is a restaurant within, but I doubt we will ever eat there. We have been asked to abstain from alcohol while attending the DTS.

This promenade leads down into the Central Square. It's gorgeous at night.

I saw this kid running down with the dog's leash tied to his backpack, and I just started laughing! His dad or granddad was nearby, and we looked at each other and both continued laughing! It was one of several times during the day that my laughing caused someone else to laugh, which made me feel great. The Japanese people can be stoic if not just downright depressing, so it was awesome to see them smiling!


The last time I was here, we stopped at the Burger King to buy some good ole American food, and I wanted to buy some donuts. One plain glazed donut at Krispy Kreme is 160 yen = $2 American... I decided I did not need it. This trip was no different.

Here is a picture of the Central Square. When we made our first trip, there was a stage set up in that open area, and all of the benches were set up facing it. It would be an incredible venue for an event!

Speaking of an incredible venue for an event, when we came up the stairs from the Central Square onto the Chateau Square, our hearts were stolen. We decided (at least two of the three of us. Which I will not say...) that if we were to get married in Japan, we would have it here!

This is a view of Shibuya from the 39th floor of the tower. I did not have my camera the first trip, so I do not have any night shots, but the other guys got some good ones.
"I want to see mountains again, Gandalf. Mountains!"

The promenade at night

When I saw this picture on my way back home, I could not help but think about how the Japanese invite evil and darkness into their country, and it marches upon them because they let it. We are here to change that!

Of course, one of the things I did not take a picture of was the Starbucks in the tower! So as I sat and worked on my journal for the DTS, I enjoyed a tasty caramel frappuccino! It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon, resting in the Lord, getting some work done, and enjoying His creation!

Separate from the trip shown earlier, here are two pictures from weeks past that I have not shared yet:
Yes! It is Mount Fuji! This is only my second time to see the mountain since I have been here, the first time I did not even realize it when I did. We are trying to plan a trip to go hike on it, but a) it will be an expensive trip, and b) a long trip. It is just hard to find time.

This picture is of some of us while we were out doing some evangelism. From left to right is Kaare, Tony, myself, Austin, and Ellie, who is from Pennsylvania. Of course my stupid hand is in the way, too. This was taken in Hiyoshi Station. It had a college town feel to the area.
Hopefully I'll have more to share soon!

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