Sunday, June 23, 2013

Breaking the Ice

My last post was on October 26th, which, oddly enough, is the day that Katie and I will be getting married this year! Crazy! So how do you follow up something like that? It's almost been eight months since I last wrote a blog post. Is it possible to just jump back in and start from where things are now? So much has changed: at that time, we were not running a DTS but pursuing ministries on the base; I was dating Katie, not yet engaged; we were only preparing as leadership for the season that is going to be over in two months. There is no way to recap it all, so I am simply here to break the ice.

This past season has been incredibly busy, and it has made it difficult to continue posting and writing emails. Yet I wish to be thankful for this past season. I have too often been looking at what could be or what once was and been disappointed at myself for not doing more. Yet there is no doubt that God has been at work here in Japan in this DTS. Students seeing radical financial breakthrough when they thought they would be going home; others encountering the Father's heart for them, realizing that God not only has a plan and a purpose of them, He wants to fulfill their dreams and desires for themselves, too; some are being set free from bitterness and unforgiveness, a poison within their veins. Dreams fulfilled, vision casted, lies broken, plans remade! It has been an incredible time for them, and it has only just begun!

So this is a simple breaking of the ice. There is so much more to share about this season, not just about the DTS but outside of it, too! So I hope to do so more regularly now. Until then!

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