Saturday, May 19, 2012


So since arriving almost three months ago, the base has "moved" to a new part of town. We felt like the Lord has called us to locate ourselves in a specific part of Tokyo called Ikebukuro, which happens to hold the second busiest train station in Japan. I have now become one of millions who travel through its passages everyday. Interesting.

Anyway, I do not live in Ikebukuro. In the move out of Senzoku, which took place the day before the majority of DTS students arrived, three of us moved into a house in Edogawabashi. The house is also occupied by our male students. With one bathroom. That has the toilet, shower, and washing machine. Welcome to Japan!

While I do not have pictures of the house (and probably won't), I do have a few pictures from the surrounding area! So here is a simple little tour!

This is our house! Below us is a bento shop (single serving meals prepared in boxes; also used to describe packing your own meal like a sack lunch).  I do not know if any of us have purchased anything from there yet. They deliver, though, which is cool.

The stairs to Narnia! Aka our house.
This is a shot further down the street. That is our house on the right.
This is the area at the end of the street where we turn for our house. We sometimes purchase produce from the small market to the left. The older gentleman who works there seems nice. He laughs with us when we have to buy things while it is raining hard.
We walk this street everyday! At is a grocery store on the left, but it is really expensive. We walk a few blocks to a cheaper one.
A side street off the main road to our house.
This is a toy store opposite of the previous side street.
This is our neighborhood playground. Not much to it.
Another shot down the main road towards our house.
This is the main road heading away from our house towards the station. The combine on the right has my new favorite ice cream: Cappuccino-flavored Coolish! 
Edogawabashi Station
This is exit 3 from the station. It comes up right at the main road to our house. Take the train, walk up about 75 stairs, take a left, and you end up a stone's throw from the house.

It is around this intersection that three of the other exits to the station come out.  Across the street in the background of this picture is a nice park along a canal. Some of us frequent it; it is nice.
If you walk up this road from the intersection from the last picture, you come back to the street that is in front of our house. 
This is the Denny's that my roommate took me to for my birthday (my choice). It was delicious! 
If you took a right out of our house, you would end up here. If you were to walk down this road, you would eventually come to Waseda University, one of the top universities in Japan. We have a outreach team who goes every week for relationship building and prayer walking. Also, if you know where to turn, you can take it to Takadanobaba, where the nicest Mister Donut I have been to is! However, it does take 40 minutes to walk there...
So this is where I live now! I hope my "tour" makes sense!

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