Thursday, February 16, 2012

Information Galore!

While it is not my desire to just push, push, push giving and where you can give and how you can give and how much you can give and what you can give and if you can give hanging upside down and give, give, give, give, give, I do wish to notify anyone who is interested that the Finances for Japan page does contain most of this information. It might have passed by unnoticed, so I wanted to give the poor page a shout out. Please never allow me to be someone who only ever asks and asks and asks - that would be much appreciated.

But more notably for this post is my recently posted newsletter! I just finished it last night, and I have posted a digital copy of it on the upper left hand side of the site! Some of it might be old information, but I thought readers might enjoy reading something else, especially since it has a few pictures! Speaking of pictures, I should probably do more of those...

Also, I will be leaving for Tokyo, Japan, in one week! Super exciting!

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