Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Back to the Grind(stone) pt. 1

Happy New Year! Welcome 2012!

As I was just looking at my old post, I could not believe it had been over three weeks since I last posted! I am sure all of you have been sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear what has been happening with me since my last post. I apologize for this, and I soon hope to disclose this!

My last series of posts were covering the prayer burns we hosted last fall, the one before that my Southeast Trip. There is so much to mention between these two events, not even including the South Mississippi Trip I made after the semester ended!

Yet before moving back into recording and reporting past events, let us look forward for a moment at several things on my heart for the future. Living in a college town, we revolve around the university schedule, and as a former student, my life definitely is still running on the frame set and terms associated with it. Fall semester, spring semester, Spring Break, and so forth. Well, as this semester begins, I have a desire and burning in my heart. The 2011 Fall semester ended with so much momentum for the future, and some of us believe that there is no going back to older ways. The Body is maturing, the Believers are maturing, and life as we have known it is no longer going to satisfy.

But here is the catch and where my desire comes in. I desire to see radical commitment in 2012 and onward to the End. I desire to see the people starting to pray everyday to commit to praying everyday no matter what comes up. I desire to see people meeting in homes on a weekly basis to commit to meeting together no matter what. I desire to see the discipleship springing up to continue and to commit to learning and growing with one another no matter what. There is no test that is more important, no concert, no game, no event more important than the pursuit of the Kingdom.

While things might be returning to the grind and our routines are being built, look at what is absolutely important. What can you not live without? What activities will be the first to fall away when things get busy? Do not let your activities of daily scripture reading, daily prayer, daily fellowship, daily worship, and daily time with God suffer because your schedule got more full than expected. Set a time. It is just like setting a date with your girlfriend, fiancĂ©, or wife. Except this is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Why do we always think these things can be the first to go? If  you made an appointment with the President (no matter who it might be), would you keep it no matter what? I promise you, the God you meet with everyday will one day rule EVERYTHING, not just a small nation called the United States of America.

Now, the last thing I want to make you think is "I just have to be sure to do these things" in a rote, religious way. It is not the things we do that gain us access to the Throne Room and to the inheritance of God. However, Jesus has done everything! He has gained access to the Throne Room and shares it with us! He earned His inheritance and shares it with us! No, it is because of these things that we are faithful to the One who is forever faithful! He bought us with His blood - who are we to withhold from Him what He deserves!

Father, redefine within us what sacrifice means. There is no cost too great, no price too high to pay for you to receive your reward! You paid for me, bought me with Your blood, and You want all of me! You are not willing to share my affections with the lesser beauties, the lesser gods, the lesser things that take up my time! Have it all, Father! Have it all! Amen!

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