Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Southeast Trip pt. 1 - Clarkston, GA

SO... like I said in my last post, I want to tell about some of my most recent adventures. Honestly, it is difficult, for it seems that every time I sit to write, another, more recent adventure has taken place! So I must start being more disciplined in my blogging if I ever desire to catch people up on my life. Otherwise I will be writing about my journeys from January 2012 in December 2013...

One of the big things God gave me vision for upon returning was a grand big Southeast trip, where I would leave for almost a month, stopping in different places to visit different friends. I absolutely LOVED the idea of it while I was in Japan and in the Philippines. However, upon returning from Japan and beginning new discipleship relationships, leaving for a month was not very appealing. I only have a few weeks here in the States, so missing four weeks, missing four meetings, with these guys was a lot! It made me sad! But based on the schedules of those I was wanting to go visit, that was what it was going to take.

However, there was a change of plans, and the entire trip got flipped around (quite literally). I had originally planned on leaving and going north to Nashville to start, but because of a change in scheduling (which I will discuss in the next post hopefully), I was now leaving for Atlanta first. It actually worked out really well, for it shortened my trip down to two weeks! So I was only going to miss out on two meetings now.

The original plan was to leave Starkville on Thursday, October 6th, but the night before, my mom brought to my attention that BOTH my brothers and their wives were going to be in Starkville that weekend (not to forget my super cute nephew Nicholas as well!). Considering this could be the last time all three of us would be in Starkville together for quite some time, I decided to stay home until Sunday.

Had I left when planned, I was going to visit my friends G & R for two days in Clarkston, GA. They are attending a missionary training school based there, and I was hoping to see and hear about what the Lord was doing in the area during this time while also visiting with others I had met on previous trips. Unfortunately, the new leaving date could not afford this. However, we did have a good visit and time while I was there!

We first ate dinner at their apartment which was Stromboli's Pizza, which is always delicious! But afterwards, we were looking to go visit a refugee family in the area, and apparently without my knowing, they prayed about who to visit, which I am totally okay with. I mention this because when we show up, we are immediately greeted with a situation. One of the family members has been in an accident while in South Carolina, but they do not know where. We start looking up hospitals, calling hospitals, talking to hospitals (personnel, not the actual buildings. We did have some sense). Eventually, after a scare with confusing another patient who was in critical condition, we discover our man is okay! But during this whole ordeal, we were able to pray for and minister to this family who are not yet believers. But they recognized the power, life, and peace that Jesus Christ brings, and I believe that they will come to a knowledge of Jesus Christ soon!

Soon after the resolution of the situation, I returned to the road for my next stop. It was great to see my friends G & R, but the short trip definitely left a great deal to be desired.

Not long after leaving Clarkston, I encountered some strong spirits, but that story will have to wait till next time!

Continue on to Part 2: Greenville, SC!

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