Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh the things we'll do...

...For the women in our lives. Yet do not be deceived by this statement, for I do not speak of a new love in my life, or a new chase, or whatever. Actually, I speak of my job and the women I work with; this past year I have been working at The Learning Center as the Graduate Assistant, doing all kinds of work, from grading tests, making copies, tutoring students, moving boxes, cleaning, and many other things, mainly doing whatever my boss asks me to do. But honestly, I would gladly do almost anything she asked of me (anything is a strong word), and it makes me happy to serve her and the center. It also pleases me to serve our secretary and the other individuals I work with, instructors of the learning skills courses that the TLC offers. It has truly been a blessing to have the chance to work with these people for the last nine months, and I will truly miss them when I leave.

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